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Quality. Safety. Consistency. Verified.


Now food manufacturers striving to provide the purest, cleanest and safest products for pets have a new competitive edge. That’s because Nutri-Science America recently announced VeriGEN, a “next generation” vitamin premix which is independently verified to be non-China sourced.


Previously, pet food manufacturers generally accepted that certain nutrients, such as B complex vitamins, could only be obtained from China. So many were hesitant to make Country of Origin claims about ingredient sourcing. Moreover, pet food marketers have been prohibited from claiming that their formulas are truly China ingredient-free.


But not being sourced from China isn’t VeriGEN’s only claim to fame. Every premix ingredient is prepared by European suppliers operating certified human food or pharmaceutical grade facilities, and is 100% GMO free. All incoming and outgoing materials are rigorously tested at Nutri-Science America’s Paw Paw, MI production facility to ensure that contaminants such as heavy metals, yeast, mold or e coli do not enter the food chain. MSD and ICP spectroscopy, gas and liquid chromatography, and other state-of-the-art testing methods are employed.


Nutri-Science America is a US-headquartered company dedicated to providing the purest, cleanest and safest formulated vitamin supplements available. The firm was founded by Dr. Sebastian Gauza, an organic and materials science specialist, holder of several food industry patents, and author of over 100 peer-reviewed research reports.

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