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Every VeriGEN ingredient is prepared in European human food or pharmaceutical grade facilities, and certified GMO free.  In addition to using only certified suppliers, we run a best in the industry testing protocol, testing 100% of our vitamins for potency upon receipt.

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To ensure that incoming materials meet the highest standards, MSD and ICP spectroscopy, gas and liquid chromatography, and other state-of-the-art testing methods are deployed.  As part of our best in industry testing, our vitamins and finished products are fully tested for heavy metals.  

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Following testing, all nutrients are precision blended at our SQF-certified human food Paw Paw, MI production facility.  VeriGEN premixes are packed in vacuumed sealed opaque bags to prevent vitamin degradation through exposure to oxygen or sunlight. This level of care and focus are unmatched in the Pet Food industry. 

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Independently verified to be 100% free of Chinese ingredients, VeriGEN is the only human grade GMO free, non-China sourced vitamin premix available in North America.  We ensure our Raw Materials and Finished Goods meet guaranteed Specifications for potency, heavy metals and micro every step of the way.  We guarantee every batch, every time.

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